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Essential Oils can be used safely and effectively to lessen the majority of common discomforts that arise during the period of pregnancy and beyond. Aromatherapy has risen in popularity and is forging the way to becoming one of the most affordable means for self-care, and family care, with improved access to high-quality oils, Essential Oil research, and education. Stephanie McBride is a mother of three, a passionate advocate for the use of Essential Oils as a form of natural self-care from the moment of conception and far beyond. Her primary focus on botanical medicine studies, coupled with practical experience as a certified clinical herbalist, professional aromatherapist, and functional nutritionist, has given her the in-depth knowledge necessary to simplify this ancient health modality for others to enjoy.

Produced Certified Clinical Herbalist, Functional Nutritionist, Aromatherapist

Learn how to safely and effectively use essential oils during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum and for infant care

Learn how to address the most common symptoms that arise during childbearing

Feeling confident and prepared to integrate essential oils into their birth experience or professional work

Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness

This e-course is beautifully presented in a series of eight colourful modules accompanied by audio-visual recordings, averaging 30 minutes in length. Each module is enriched by photographs, research citations, charts, and simple essential oil formulations. ​Students have access to downloadable and online course materials.

What's included:

  • Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness- Handout- A 28-page usage guide with safety instructions, quality guidelines, Birth Kit Blends, monographs for 17 essential oils, and oil usage charts.
  • Bibliography
  • Five interactive online quizzes. Those who pass the quizzes will receive a certificate upon completion. 

Stephanie McBride's top tips - start learning NOW !

Why you should use essential oils during your pregnancy.

Two must have essential oils for pregnancy.

One essential oil for EVERY nursing concern.

How to use clary sage during labour.

“I've already started using some of the blends you recommend in your course in my practice and have seen amazing results. I think I've been most impressed with the blend to help with placental separation... I've used it twice on placentas that did not want to come just before I was going to call my back-up doctor and both times within 30 seconds out came the placenta. I love it, my labouring moms love it, just really happy I found your course.”


Advanced Practice Midwife


Module 1: Fundamentals
 This e-course begins with an in-depth introduction to essential oil therapy that includes an overview of historical uses, schools of thinking from modern schools of aromatherapy, essential oil attributes and their clinical effects on physiology, and criteria for determining essential oil quality. 

Module 2: Applications and Dosing
Module two provides a clinical explanation and examples for using the three main essential oil applications: aromatic, topical, and internal. Topics covered include: dosing, modes of applications, and the safe and effective use of carriers. Course Preview

Module 3: Safety in Maternity
Module three covers guidelines for the safe application of essential oils during each phase of pregnancy. Areas of focus include: general safety, potential toxicity, therapeutic actions, herb-drug interactions, and contraindications for use during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. 

​Module 4: Use in Pregnancy
This module addresses the most common uses for essential oil use during pregnancy, including: nausea, vomiting, poor digestion, stress, fatigue, trouble sleeping, muscular aches and pains, vascular irregularities, swelling, and preparing for childbirth. 

Module 5: Use in Labor
This module offers indications for the key uses for essential oils during labor, including: preparing the birth space, calming anxious feelings, and coping with discomfort, exhaustion, discouragement, and healthy delivery.

Module 6: Use in Postpartum This module addresses the most common indications for postpartum, including: afterpains, heavy bleeding, care for tender skin, perineum care, hormonal balance, baby blues, breast health, and healthy milk production.

Module 7: Use in Infant Care
Module seven covers safety guidelines for supporting infant health with essential oils. Participants will learn uses, applications, and concentrations for gently supporting: digestive health, teething, calm, sleep, and skin care. 

Module 8: Materia Aromatica
This module, presented from an herbalist's perspective, provides summaries of 17 of the best essential oils for use in maternal and infant care . Each oil is characterized by its native location, aromatic parts, most important medicinal attributes, and any known contraindications. It also introduces the "doctrine of signatures", an ancient system of knowledge used by herbalists to better understand the unique attributed of individual plants. ​​

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